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Vayu Natural – Refrigerator, Freezer & Wardrobe Odor Eliminator, Lasts Up to 3 Months!

  • Eliminates Odor : Out performs baking soda and removes undesirable smells from the refrigerator. Works on strong smells like chopped onions. Say bye-bye to the conventional methods of using bulky charcoal bags or baking soda.
  • Keeps the freshness and taste of food or longer and does not mix the smell. Also optimizes humidity and deals with bacteria that cause smells. Be it rotten food smell or Leaking Fridge Smell, Vayu Natural - Air Deodorizer Sachet is all you require!
  • Completely Safe & Non-Toxic: Completely safe to be used or hanged near your precious stuff.
  • Easy to Use: Just hang it or place it anywhere with both sides exposed and let Vayu Natural - Air Deodorizer Sachet do the wonders for you.
  • Long Shelf life : Lasts for 3 Months!
vayu natural small odor remover for fridge

Vayu Natural Advanced (Small) – Odor Remover Bag

  1. Say goodbye to odors – the most powerful, eco-friendly and natural odor remover.
  2. Portable – Put in in your shoes, take along in the gym bags or place it in your refrigerator.
  3. Long Shelf Life and lasts more than a year.
janta mask face shield 3ply mask

Breathe Fresh Janta Mask – Face Shield + 3Ply Mask (SITRA Tested)

  • COMPLETE FACE PROTECTION: Integrated Face Shield + Face Mask (2 in 1) that effectively isolates your face and protects the 3 main entry points i.e. Nose, Mouth & Eyes from saliva, spray, splatter, droplet, dust, oil and smoke while offering clear vision for ease in doing tasks or driving or walking.
  • HIGHLY COMFORTABLE: Breathable fabric that lets you breathe clean & pure and solves the problem of again and again adjusting the ordinary surgical masks. Tie the knot behind your neck or use the loops around your ears, the Janta Mask gives you an advantage to choose the type of fit you want.
  • LAB TESTED & VERIFIED: Fabric Tested using the EN13684 standards^ by SITRA (India). Product tested at ITS Laboratory and proven to provide 99.1% 2Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, Breathability as 26 pa/cm2 and Flash Resistance as 160 mm H20. ***
  • KEEPS YOU SAFE: The Janta Mask is carefully designed with the best breathable SMS fabric (BFE ≥ 99%) that is hydrophobic in nature (protects you from splashes), along with a visor for clear display that is carefully sea-led using a sealing tape also known as PPE tape (DRDO approved tape) for any leakages.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The Janta Mask is the true cost saver. It does the job of a non-woven 3 ply mask also, as well as of a face shield also. It also comes with 2 pouches of hand sanitizer (2ml each).