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Breathe Fresh MosQuit Mosquito Trap and Lamp

  • Large Coverage Area : Once device can cover an area between 50 to 100 sq. m. However, we do recommend to install this in your bedroom or near main entrance. For best results, install one of these devices in each room
  • Premium Quality and Low power consumption: Mosquito Plus lamp is made of premium plastic material, using a physical creative technique with the power consumption of 11W, even less than a zero-watt bulb, mosquito plus offers long term low maintenance cost healthy protection from mosquitoes
  • Durable, Effective and Mess Free - Mosquitoes flying at close proximity from any direction will be sucked, killed and collected in the base. The base is detachable and can be cleaned as and when needed. Kill mosquitoes in a safe way to human (gravidas and Infants) and pets, no electric noise, no chemical, no toxin, no radiation and cost-effective insects control solution
  • No more inhaling chemicals - Effective, Chemical Free, Non Toxic and Safe solution for your family. Completely safe for you, your children and your pets. Protect your family from using dangerous chemicals, sprays or traps. It comes with an intelligent touch switch which makes it more convenient to use

Breathe Fresh Air Purifying Curtains

Rs.1,499.00 Rs.1,099.00
  • Air Purifying Curtain that gives you upto 96% protection from PM2.5, PM10, dust and other harmful pollutants
  • Resilient fabric, adaptive to all weather conditions and rain
  • Laboratory tested for efficacy
  • Easy 2 step installation
  • Affordable

Breathe Fresh BeePure Natural Beeswax Candle

Rs.549.00 Rs.449.00
  • 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax Candles. No Paraffin wax or artificial fragrances.
  • Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic. Lead Free Organic Cotton Wicks.
  • Smoke Free Vibrant Flame. Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Breathe Fresh Soyam Premium Soy Wax Candle

Rs.549.00 Rs.449.00
  • AUTHENTIC NATURAL SOY WAX : Say goodbye to your unhealthy, chemical filled, traditional & commonly available paraffin wax candle such as tealight candle or any other generic scented candles.* Soyam Candle by BreatheFresh burns clean and smooth - without any worry of soot or spillage.
  • SMOKE-FREE VIBRANT FLAME : The Soyam Candle produces a flame that is real, warm and has a flickering glow and burns at least 4x longer than any normal candle available in the market.
  • With FRENCH VANILLA Fragrance : Luxurious, Sensual, Elegant & Moody. Vanilla is considered as the best-selling candle fragrance esp. in the Europe. True to its name, each French Vanilla scented Soyam Candle is enriched and inspired with mouth-watering goodness of Vanilla which is sweet, sugary, creamy & buttery.
  • INEXPENSIVE & TRANSLUSCENT LUXURY : In a scented candle, the luxury shouldn’t just be in the scent but should pervade through the look and feel of the product. Soyam Candle by BreatheFresh is made from high quality white-tinted heavy glass, packaged in an exclusive signature box that makes it a perfect gift and almost universally accepted by your loved ones either for Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Birthday or Corporate Gifting.
  • FOR EVERY SPACE : Count on your 100% Pure & Natural Premium Soy Wax SOYAM Candle to work and throw its magic to every space without ever worrying about damaging tables. Use it in your living room to help you feel relax and your guests feeling comfy. Or in your bedroom to help you fall asleep quicker without worrying about the spillage or in your bathroom to help neutralize the smells!