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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – Ionic Natural Air Purifier

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – Ionic Natural Air Purifier


Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is known to work wonders on pollen, dost, cigarette smoke and other contaminants in indoor air.“Himalayan pink salt is a natural ionic air purifier that pulls toxins from the environment and neutralises them”, says Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Healing Touch. It is also reduces allergy and Asthma symptoms. Salt lamps balance artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths originating from electronic appliances.



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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is the perfect way to add an earthy ambiance to any place. Not only it is beautiful, but has significant health benefits too. This Rock Salt Lamp harmonizes the ion levels of the surroundings where it is kept. The lamp when switched on, heats up the salt crystals and they produces negative ions in the environment. Negative ions in nature are created by means of wind, sunlight, waterfalls and rainfalls. Generally, a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule consisting of oxygen. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through the processes of air pollution. The negative ions therefore bind with the positive ions of the bacteria, dust, odors, molds, mildews and spores, cigarette smoke, chemical gases, pet odors, pollens, dust and dust mites, animal dander, viruses, static electricity, carbon monoxide etc. present in the air and neutralizes them.

Our Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is hand-chipped from the salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is then carefully carved into a leaf shape to retain the unique and natural look of the salt crystals, thus allowing you to relax in the soft glow and improving your breathing and overall wellness at home and work.

Health practitioners across the globe have been using crystal rock lamps for air purification extensively in the treatment for ailments such as sinus, snoring, asthma attacks, respiratory issues and also to improve and enhance the immune system of the individuals.

Did you know the fresh country air contains up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (size of a sugar cube). Negative Ion content around a waterfall reaches up to 10,000 per cubic centimeter and that is why we feel fresh and energized amidst nature, whereas, the negative ions in the air of the metro cities such as Delhi does not even reach 100!

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