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Pureefy – Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend

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Pureefy – Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend


  • Improves Breathing – Pureefy is clinically tested to remove 99.9% airborne bacteria from the Air when diffused. It is 100% safe for kids and elderly and gradually strengthens their vulnerable immune systems by providing a cleaner air to breathe and endure and acts as natural air purifier
  • Pleasant Aroma – The carefully selected essential oil blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary makes for a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere in your house, which is sure to help you unwind after a long day.  
  • “Pureefy” strengthens your immune system and is also helpful in sinuses, allergies, common flu and headaches and is a great option for an air purifier for home.
  • Pureefy works through diffusion into the air and would work any of your Reeds, diffusers, Aromafiers, Humidifiers systems (to be purchased separately). Pureefy is 100% Pure, undiluted and natural powerful blend of 5 phenomenal essential oils – Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary proven for their antibacterial benefits.
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Know More


Pureefy goes beyond Cleaning the Air. The oil’s portability makes it useful for rooms, office spaces and bathroom spaces. Make Air Breathable with Pureefy as it can be diffused into the air using bamboo reeds or any electric diffusers for prolonged or immediate relief. Reeds are long thin wooden sticks with small capillaries and are the most convenient way of dispensing oil into the air. For immediate relief like recovering from a common flu illness, oil diffusion can also be done through an electric diffuser that vaporizes the oil molecules into the air. Best results of the Natural Air Purification Technique are seen when used in combination, like electric diffusers during the day in your living/working space and reeds in the night by the bedside to gently ease and help with sinuses, snoring and better sleep. People have reported clearer nasal passages, less snoring and easier breathing after using it for just a day. The Oil Diffuser Air Purifier reed setup is hassle-free and can be placed in any room and works for weeks.

naturally purifies air


Purify Air in Home using Pureefy, it is an anti-bacterial essential oil blend that kills harmful airborne bacteria that cause sinuses, allergies, and common flu ailments. The oil blend, when diffused in the air, naturally kills bacteria, viruses, and small airborne particles. The oil is laboratory tested and verified for its antibiotic efficacy. It is 100% safe for kids and elderly and works to gradually strengthen their vulnerable immune system by providing a cleaner air to breathe. Pureefy is a clinically tested home-blended recipe to remove 99.9% airborne bacteria. The Natural Air Purifier, Pureefy works through air diffusion. The oil blend is broken down into micro molecules releasing its miscilles in the air. These aromatic miscilles then disinfect the surrounding air and helps to kill the nasty microcosm and prevents their re-growth. Pureefy Oil Diffuser provides a complete solution for eliminating the odor and other suspended particles and is portable to be used for all murky corners of your house like washrooms, kitchens etc.

removes odor


The Air Purifier Oil blend, when diffused in the air, cleans the surrounding air of its suspended pathogens and other chemicals. Its aroma when inhaled takes the nasal pathways, following the same path used by chemicals and pollutants when inhaled, to reach your lungs. The vaporized oil then cleanses and eliminates these chemicals and other intruders lodged in your respiratory system and decongests the breathing and enhances your immunity. The oil thus helps ease the respiratory congestion, sinuses, headaches and other respiratory issues. It also uplifts the mood and helps in sleep disorders and stress and anxiety relief. Make Your Home Breathable with Pureefy, it is a powerful blend of powerful essential oils like Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus etc.

Clove Bud oil is aphrodisiac in nature and therefore serves as an excellent stress reliever. It has a stimulating effect on the mind and removes mental exhaustion and fatigue. When diffused in the air, The Natural Air Purifying Oil refreshes the mind and stimulates brain function. Its cooling and anti-inflammatory effect is highly recommended to clear the nasal passage and various other respiratory disorders including coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and tuberculosis.

Lemon Essential Oil is known to be an antioxidant powerhouse, containing twice as much as Vitamin C as an average orange has, thus having the potential to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Therefore, Natural Oil Diffuser is known to be an excellent antibacterial, de-greasing, deodorizing and disinfecting household cleanser. Cinnamon Bark Oil’s vapor is a potent fungi-toxicant against fungi causing respiratory tract mycoses.

Eucalyptus Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes it a good ingredient in many medicines that treat respiratory problems.

Eucalyptus Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes it a good ingredient in many medicines that treat respiratory problems. The Natural Oil Air Purifier Diffuser blend naturally supports the immune system by eliminating the air borne pathogens. It helps ease the respiratory congestion, sinuses, headaches and other respiratory issues. Its strong antibiotic properties act aromatically to strengthen the lungs, sinuses and entire respiratory system.

prevents mold


The antibacterial properties of the Natural Air Purifier and Diffuser Oil aromatically disinfect your home surroundings from the airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs floating in the air which affect the human with sinuses, pertussis, diphtheria etc. The blend have been noted for anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-catarrhal properties while stimulating the immune system, circulation and the respiratory system when diffused in the air.