Vayu 250g (Single)

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  • Improves Health – Relief from germs, bacteria, air-borne chemicals and micro-pollutants. :- Works effectively and efficiently against airborne chemicals, allergens, germs, and micro-pollutants, bacteria which can cause allergies, sneezing and other health issues like headache, nausea in the short run and asthma and heart issues with long exposure.
  • Feel Fresh – Say goodbye to odors. :- Bamboo Charcoal is the most powerful, eco-friendly and natural odor remover. Say goodbye to smells in washroom, cars, shoes, gym bags, Refrigerators, cupboards, pet areas or any place that bothers you for that matter. Bad smells do not stand a chance with Vayu Natural.
  • Multiple Benefits – Deodorizer, Air Freshener, Dehumidifier, Anti-Bacterial. :-Activated Charcoal nature’s gift to mankind. It is scientifically tested and validated for its versatile use. It absorbs excess moisture, keeps the space dry and fresh naturally, helps prevent mold and mildew known to trigger allergies and asthma.
  • Ultra Versatile and Portable – For every corner of your Home. :- Vayu Natural 100g is Non-Electric, Portable and can fit to any of your need. It goes inside your refrigerator , sits next to the dustbin or even fits inside your shoes – Think of endless ways you can use the proven power of Activated Charcoal.
  • Best Quality, Ideal Technology with Money Back Guarantee. :- Vayu Natural comes with the best quality Organic, Pharma-grade Bamboo Charcoal, Activated Carbon Cloth and Luxury Linen Exterior. These are scientifically proven and tested as the best and recommended ingredients for an activated charcoal air purifying bag. Get the best performance from the best air purifying bag that you deserve !

The Secret of Performance

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