Vayu Natural – Air Purifying Bag


  • Simplest and an efficient way to maintain a dry, fresh and odor free home. Helps to reduce the harmful pollutants, bacteria, mould and mildew, allergens and unpleasant odors floating in your air.
  • Introducing Vayu Natural Purifying Bags, an air purifier bag with 3-Layer technology which gives 3x extra power, strength and durability. Specifically designed to remove maximum odors, excess moisture and pollutants of different particle size typically found in Indian homes.
  • Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bags contains powerfully activated eco-friendly polyurethane filters designed to hold heavy particles like smoke etc. Build to adsorb airborne chemicals, harmful pollutants, chemicals from paints and household cleaners floating in your air – Ideal choice of air purifier for home.
  • High quality and powerfully activated impregnated charcoal fabric for outer covering. The most advanced technology proven to be significantly powerful than traditional granular pieces usually used in the commonly available charcoal bags.
  • Vayu Natural  is a natural air purifier which is Safe for Kids & Pets. Fragrance-Free. Chemical-Free. Non-Toxic. BPA-Free. Eco-Friendly. Long shelf life of 1 years. Just place the bag in direct sunlight once a month to recharge.
  • Free 2 Days Fedex delivery with 15 days return and 100% money refund policy – Read here.
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‘Vayu Natural – Air Purifying Bag’ is the simplest and an efficient way to maintain a dry, fresh, odor, allergen and pollutant free home without using any fancy machinery, wires or batteries. The Vayu Bag is a natural air purifier for office or homes that relieves from airborne chemicals and supports the health of your family. It tirelessly helps to reduce the harmful pollutants, bacteria, mold and mildew, allergens and unpleasant odors floating in your air. The convenience of deployment and elegance of linen, makes this bag a must have considering current indoor and outdoor pollution levels in India. Just simply place this 100% activated charcoal bag at the desired location for it to powerfully start cleaning the air in the background. Air Purifying Bags beat the conventional air fresheners by a notch that just mask the odors by their strong chemical fragrance. These fresheners usually contain toxic ingredients which not only compromise your health but also cause home and environmental pollution.

Make Your space Breathable with Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag because it supports the health of your loved ones by reducing allergies, respiratory troubles. It does that by trapping the suspended microbia in its mesh of interlocking charcoal combs. It also prevents mold and mildew and absorbs excess moisture and becomes a perfect companion for storing fabrics.

The Bag to make air purified is aesthetically pleasing and is a must-have for urban homes’ living in these modern times. Order yours today.

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