BreatheFresh Solutions is a Delhi-based environmental startup that launched in 2017. Our mission is to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and to promote a healthier lifestyle by creating cleaner indoor air naturally. To make that goal a reality, we are continually developing new green products that work for all urban homes.

BreatheFresh as a company believes that Fresh Air is a right to every breath of every human inhabiting the space of modern living. We as a company strongly stand for Family health. It is a sad reality that most of our kids have one or the other form of respiratory ailments of various degrees. Our company’s mission is to raise and spread the awareness about this everyday health hazard.

The conventional wisdom is that indoor air quality is better than outdoor air quality. Many people mistakenly believe that one’s home represents a clean air refuge from the outside world. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, studies have shown that indoor air pollution is actually 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Unfortunately, many of the respiratory and asthma problems of our younger generation can be traced back to the quality of indoor air within one’s homes.
We are introducing all-natural solutions that are effectively proven by science (and lab certifications) towards their effectiveness in cleaning indoor air. Solutions are all natural, handmade and affordable for daily use.

Meet the Team

The two co-founders of BreatheFresh, Gaurav Arora and Bhawani Bhateja, know this from first-hand experience. They have seen very young family members suffering from asthma and respiratory sickness caused by indoor chemicals and pollutants. They understand how much of an impact indoor air pollution can have on the youngest and most vulnerable members of society. As a result, they have been inspired to make simple and sustainable clean living for everyone a guiding mission of the company.

Gaurav Arora


Gaurav Arora has more than 14 years of experience working in leading IT & technology companies like ADP, NIIT technologies. During his stint with ADP & NIIT he understood the dynamics of product development. He had worked in the capacity of senior managerial role and leadership positions. BreatheFresh is a personal endeavor for him with a mission to create a clean breathing air for next generation.
His hobbies include photography & reading books, He lives in Noida with his wife who is an IT consultant & has a 3 year old daughter.

Bhawani Bhateja


Bhawani Bhateja has prided himself on being an ecopreneur right from the start, which reflects in his earlier venture of modifying gifting solutions. While studying in college he started a company called Blossoms whose focus was on gifting decorated plants instead of just simple bouquets during special events targeting schools, colleges and corporate houses. He was also awarded the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a testimonial of his abilities to change minds. He has a passion for electronics, and building new products from scratch. During his school days he made a home-made AC, a unique wall clock and a few more projects related to home automation.


Better health starts at home. Sickly, indoor air is no escape haven for better air, and the sooner that people recognize that, the better. With that in mind, BreatheFresh continues to innovate and produce products that are designed to be used simply and easily throughout the home. As part of our mission to #MakeHomesBreathable, we ensure that our products help to remove dangerous airborne chemicals and other pollutants and irritants that can lead to respiratory problems later.

We also realize that no two homes are the same. As a result, we strive to create products that can be used by any urban homeowner, regardless of location or size of home. And to help promote simple and sustainable clean living, we also work to make our solutions as affordable as possible.

Unlocking Nature’s hidden secrets

At the core of all BreatheFresh products are what we like to refer to as “natural green fighters.” We never use chemicals or artificial ingredients in our products. As a result, our products are able to tap into the amazing restorative properties of Mother Nature herself. Once you begin to think of the Earth as a marvelous self-healing entity, you can see why our products really work. Activated charcoal, for example, is a wonderfully effective way to remove impurities from the air. At BreatheFresh, it is all about creating cleaner indoor air naturally.

A vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future

The more widely distributed our products become, the greater is the chance for building a cleaner, more sustainable future. Imagine a world where young children can grow up to be strong and healthy instead of suffering from asthma and respiratory sickness. Imagine a world where every single person and every single home has a real stake in making this vision a reality. The #MakeHomesBreathable movement can help to make that future dream come true.