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pureefy essential oil

Customer Focused Branding

Branding on the product or on the packaging, let your brand visibility be felt.

pureefy essential oil with electric diffuser

Unique & Innovative

What's best than gifting someone a breath of fresh air. Impress them with the need of the hour products that promote health.


Attractive Packaging & Budget Friendly

Low cost and high perceived value. Choose the products by BreatheFresh as your corporate gift for Diwali and let your clients or teammates be mesmerized by these unique products.


Custom Master Packaging

5pcs in a box or 20pcs in a box, we'll have the master packaging of your corporate gifts be customized as per you.

pureefy essential oil

Clean & Green Corporate Gifts

Natural, eco-friendly & best among the rest. Pick from a wide variety of products by BreatheFresh as your Diwali Gift or Corporate Gift.


On-Time Delivery

Have the gifts directly delivered to your employees who are working from home without you bearing an additional shipping cost.

``What better than to gift someone a breath of fresh air and something that promotes health.``

Select from our wide range of Natural Air Fresheners, Natural Air Purifiers, Candles, etc.

Breathe + Fashionable Pollution Mask with N99 Grade Filter

  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Efficient Performance : BreathePlus Pollution Mask offers effective protection against pollution, PM 2.5 and PM 10 along with Pollen, Bacteria, Dust and Smoke. It's wide face cover ensures maximum face protection against the pollutants. Reverse Air Valve for better breathability, CO2 exit and moisture. Its unique design offers breathability valves covered with 5 Layer Filter which means breathability and performance.
  • Superior Look, Trendy and Fashionable : BreathePlus Fashionable Pollution Mask. Now flaunt your design and yet feel cool with extra comfort mask. Standard Size - fits both Men and Women.
  • Extra Comfortable Fashionable Cotton Mask : Superior Cotton uses an extra layer of clothing for comfort that allows you to wear the mask for long with any discomfort. Adjustable Nose and Ear Loop for better comfort and superior fit.
  • Powerful 5 Layer Filters : Powerful combination of layers of carbon and melt blown protection against dust
  • Washable and Reusable : True Value for Money. Wash the mask and replace filters every 21 days.

Breathe Fresh BeePure Natural Beeswax Candle

  • 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax Candles. No Paraffin wax or artificial fragrances.
  • Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic. Lead Free Organic Cotton Wicks.
  • Smoke Free Vibrant Flame. Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Pureefy Essential Oil (with Electric Diffuser) Natural Air Freshener

  • A complete solution to keep surrounding healthy and fresh.
  • Includes 100% Natural and Chemical Free Pureefy Essential Blend, when diffused provides a cleaner air to breathe.
  • Freshens and deodorizes your living space with a vibrant and spicy aroma.

Pureefy Essential Oil (with Reeds) Natural Air Freshener

  • Freshens and deodorizes your living space with a vibrant and spicy Aroma. It is a 100% natural, free from chemicals and alcohol.
  • Portable: Can reach remote locations like washrooms and does not require heating or electricity.
  • 100% Pure, undiluted and contains natural ingredients like Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Corporate gifting made super easy!

We'll ship it directly to your employees 'Working From Home'

Choose Product.

Select the product you like which you want to gift.


Select Branding.

Share your branding requirements or artwork if any.


Share Employee Info.

Share the details of your recipients with us and we'll deliver the products directly to them via FedEx, BlueDart, etc. without you incurring any additional shipping cost.


Spread Happiness.

Let your brand be visible and smiles spread.


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Q. Diwali is around the corner, will I get my corporate gifts delivered on time?

A. Of course. We have the capability of manufacturing at least 1000 units a day.

Q. Can you fit the product or tailor-make a product as per my budget?

A. Budget is the last thing you should worry about. We’ll definitely fit the product into your budget.

Q. Can you also print by company’s logo on the box?

A. Yes! We can also have your brand’s logo on the product.

Q. My employees are working from home, can you deliver the products gift wrapped directly to them?

A. Yes. We specialize in delivering pan India. Just share your recipients’ info and we’ll deliver it directly to them.