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Himalayan Salt Lamp as a Natural Air Purifier

Himalayan salt lamps are not merely a source of soothing your aesthetic sense; rather they have a much greater use. They are also known as a way of reducing indoor pollution. Himalayan salt lamps are...


The air quality of the office decides your productivity.

During my corporate time, I had worked for an office located in a basement. The building was on an intersection of busy industrial streets, in the heart of NCR. Needless to say, the setting was...


Can Natural Extracts Purify Air inside your Home?

Pollution Situation inside homes is a bigger problem that outside Air pollution and is a bigger threat the family members health. A recent survey on around 628 people living in National Capital Region revealed that...


If You Live In India, You Should Be Concerned About Indoor Air Pollution

While most people are well aware of the adverse health effects of outdoor air pollution, the health effects of indoor air pollution are less familiar. Yet, in some cases, indoor air pollution can be up...


Know how activated charcoal cleans home air?

“Indoor Air” is the term used for the air contained within a building, such a house, an apartment, an office, a factory, a hospital, or a gym. Environmental air pollution is defined as when toxic...