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The AQI (air quality index) refers to an index that reports on the quality of air daily. It informs people of how polluted or clean the air is, as well as how the air quality impacts the health. The AQI spotlights the impacts on health after a certain time of having breathed in polluted air. Usually the AQI is measured for 5 major air pollutants, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle pollution and ground-level ozone.

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In a study conducted, 10-unit increase in the Air Quality Index (AQI) leads to a 0.35% decline in the productivity. That finding suggests that workers are 5%–6% more productive when air pollution levels are rated as good by the Environmental Protection Agency (AQI of 0–50) versus when they are rated as unhealthy (AQI of 150–200).

HBR (September 2016)



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A survey suggested that 76% of houses, PM levels 2.5 times what is considered normal. The survey highlighted the connection between the quality of indoor air and lung health, reporting that due to the indoor quality of air being unhealthy, 31% of respondents suffered some form of airway disease whereas 46% were discovered to suffer from symptoms of respiratory disease. 

Survey conducted by Artemis Hospital


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Our mission is to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and promoting a healthier life by creating cleaner indoor air naturally. Our solutions are powerful and yet affordable Nature’s hidden secrets. No chemicals, no fancy machinery- just Simple and Sustainable clean living.



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