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vayu natural large for rooms

Vayu Natural Advanced (Large) – Portable Air Purifier Bag For Rooms

  • Natural Air Purifier – absorbs and gives you relief from air-borne germs and allergens
  • Portable - from your desktop to your bedside,  this natural purifier can go anywhere
  • Looks elegant with superior linen exterior
  • Laboratory Tested & Validated
vayu natural medium air freshener

Vayu Natural Advanced (Medium) – Odor & Moisture Remover Bag with 3x Power

  • Removes bad smells, excess moisture with 3x power and prevents mold & mildew.
  • Most ideal and Portable Natural solution for Odors and Humidity problems in your home , car and wardrobe.
  • Significantly better and economical than conventional chemical based air fresheners.
  • Long Shelf Life - Last more than a year.
  • Fragrance Free, Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly. Safe around kids & pets.
vayu natural small odor remover for fridge

Vayu Natural Advanced (Small) – Odor Remover Bag

  • Say goodbye to odors – the most powerful, eco-friendly and natural odor remover.
  • Portable – Put in in your shoes, take along in the gym bags or place it in your refrigerator.
  • Long Shelf Life and lasts more than a year.
pureefy essential oil electric diffuser

Pureefy Essential Oil (with Electric Diffuser) Natural Air Freshener

  • A complete solution for Building Natural Immunity and Healthy Surroundings.
  • Includes 100% Natural and Chemical Free Pureefy Essential Blend, when diffused provides a cleaner air to breathe and strengthens the immune system through breathing.
  • Freshens and deodorizes your living space with a vibrant and spicy aroma.
Breathe Fresh Fog Machine Main

Breathe Fresh Fog Machine with Warranty and Free Fumigant

Rs.7,499.00 Rs.3,299.00


  • Disinfect and Sterilize  any hard and soft surface, in any direction, horizontal or vertical using our Fog Machine.
  • Clean and Germ Free Surrounding - perfect and a complete solution for quick and powerful professional, non-toxic and human safe deep cleaning during these tough times using our Breathe Fresh Sanitizer Fog Machine.
  • Portable, Light Weight  design makes the Fog Machine extremely easy to carry and take to the remotest of the spaces. Quick Dry.
  • Powerful Performance : 1500W motor performance makes it the most powerful fog machine in the market.
  • Comes along with a FREE Powerful Disinfectant (SILVOX 150) with Aloe Vera extracts that has been recommended by CDC and AIIMS, New Delhi for decontamination - powerful and yet completely non-toxic (food grade) and human safe.
  • Ideal choice for Hospitals, Clinics, Gyms, Restaurants, Cars, Homes, Workspaces etc. Use the Fog Machine for cleaning drapes, N95 masks, coveralls, upholstery, online shopping deliveries, etc.

breathe + fashionable pollution mask with n99 grade filter

Breathe + Fashionable Pollution Mask with N99 Grade Filter

Rs.749.00 Rs.629.00
  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Efficient Performance : BreathePlus Pollution Mask offers effective protection against pollution, PM 2.5 and PM 10 along with Pollen, Bacteria, Dust and Smoke. It's wide face cover ensures maximum face protection against the pollutants. Reverse Air Valve for better breathability, CO2 exit and moisture. Its unique design offers breathability valves covered with 5 Layer Filter which means breathability and performance.
  • Superior Look, Trendy and Fashionable : BreathePlus Fashionable Pollution Mask. Now flaunt your design and yet feel cool with extra comfort mask. Standard Size - fits both Men and Women.
  • Extra Comfortable Fashionable Cotton Mask : Superior Cotton uses an extra layer of clothing for comfort that allows you to wear the mask for long with any discomfort. Adjustable Nose and Ear Loop for better comfort and superior fit.
  • Powerful 5 Layer Filters : Powerful combination of layers of carbon and melt blown protection against dust
  • Washable and Reusable : True Value for Money. Wash the mask and replace filters every 21 days.

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