Can Temperature Impact Our Ability to Learn?

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There have been recent research into the subject of weather rising temperatures can have a troublesome effect on the younger generations. The test that was used to gauge the possibility of this hypothesis was the PSAT and there was significant evidence of the detrimental effects that a high temperature can have on the cognitive abilities of the children that are studying in schools. The research however also pertains to scenarios outside the classroom as we as individuals are on a constant road to learning new things every day.

The Findings

The assumption was tested by making kids in school take the test twice with different temperatures in different years. The years that the tests were give were 2001 and 2014 respectively, taking into consideration the rising global temperatures as a result of our planet warming up. While all other variables were also taken into consideration, the effects of rising temperatures were evaluated and there was considerable evidence of the students performing worse in the later year than previously. The effect was obviously even greater and more adverse in students that study in schools that lack air conditioning.

The average temperatures on weekends and holidays were also taken into consideration but there was no significant changes; making it clear that the temperature affected the children’s ability to learn while there were in school studying. Therefore, it can be concluded that students learn better in school when the temperatures are lower.

What we learn from them

As mentioned before, the results of this research also extend to grownups and people outside the classroom which is what makes it extremely crucial for even workplaces to keep their temperatures in check. The temperatures should be maintained at comfortable levels in order to make sure that employees are performing and progressing at the best of their abilities and are processing information at full capacity. This necessity is also true for temperature at home; they should also be kept in check because students and employees alike also sometimes work from home and their learning and working ability can be affected by the temperatures at home as well.

How we can make it better

What you can do to ensure the temperature around the workplace, the school and the house is comfortable for all its inhabitants, is to first be able to measure it. Use thermometers and other equipment that is available in the market quite easily to measure the temperature around the place you are looking to work in. Once the temperature is measured, look into the different options you have to make the airspace comfortable. In some situations, just opening up the windows or installing an exhaust vent might be enough to get the air circulation and this improving the temperature while in other cases an air conditioner might be necessary. Look into which option brings you the best results while also keeping your budget in mind and rest assured you will be on the right track to great learning and superb productivity.

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