Air Quality of the Office Decides Productivity

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Air Quality of the Office Decides Productivity

During my corporate time, I had worked for an office located in a basement. The building was on an intersection of busy industrial streets, in the heart of NCR. It’s true that the air quality of the office decides productivity .

Being in a managerial role, I was accountable for peoples’ productivity. The setting was very noisy and polluted.

There had been times of a constant decline in employees’ health. This had begun to impact the company’s performance. There were frequent sick-leave requests for themselves or someone in their families.

Now I have presumed us to be vulnerable to season changes and weather-whims.

Latest Research & Survey regarding Indoor Air Pollution

On researching further I read some articles on HBR and HR Portal to know substantial impact of employees productivity because of indoor air quality.

This is a global problem and is impacting employees across the globe. Artimas Hospital conducted a survey,under the clean India Moment in June 2016.

There were around 628 people, with a mean age of 39 years, from offices and houses of Gurgaon, NOIDA working in different sectors.

Sectors like IT, automobile and Manufacturing and living in areas like Sushant Lok, Nirvana county and DLF Phase III.

The results were shocking – 31% of them had some kind of airway disease.

The 46% percent of the total showed to symptoms suggesting respiratory disease.

With air quality PM2.5 levels, 76% were found to have unhealthy .

the concentrations was over 250 microns per cubic meter (m3). The levels were even higher and measured upto 300 m3 in the manufacturing offices.

Which is more harmful, Indoor or Ourdoor Pollution?

“People almost spend 90 per cent of their time indoors”,

This is also a major issue regarding health problems because with outdoor pollution, indoor pollution is also a major reason for health problems showing up in humans. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to indoor air pollution than outdoors.

A pollutant released indoors is 1,000 times more likely to affect human lungs than a pollutant released outdoors,” quoted by Artemis Hospital.

Reasons & Impact of Poor Indoor quality

The core reasons for poor indoor Air quality pointed to poor ventilation lack of Air-conditioner maintenance and the chemicals found in paints, furniture, flooring and printers called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Locations near construction sites are more hazardous.

Poor indoor Air Quality brings serious impact to the productivity at office. The two most severely impacted areas are High Absenteeism and Low Productivity because of these problems. Employees with stay home family members also are seriously impacted with sick members at home .

Being in corporate for much over a decade and having experience of multi geography and offices of different sizes.

I have a first hand experience of how productivity can be impacted by the quality of Indoor Air.

With this knowledge and understanding the seriousness and gravity of the problem.

I have co-founded a company BreatheFresh to create natural solutions to Indoor Air Pollution.

How we are helping you?

The products provided by BreatheFresh are 100% natural.

From the best sources possible hand-Picking of the products are done.

In order to benefit every single family products are affordably priced.

Natural ingredients are carefully selected for the BreatheFresh products that ensure the home is safer for everyone, especially the kids and elderly.

The portability of the products, especially the VAYU Natural Air Purification Bags and Pureefy Total Protection.

Cars, travel bags, living spaces and washrooms can have the bags as the cleaner air is not localized.

The products are easy to maintain, use, and are available in different sizes and can be purposed for any location. The products are available at https://breatheFresh.in and Amazon.

I hope with this endeavor and pioneer work, we would be able to bring a positive impact on our loved ones’ health and well-being.

Air being one the most critical elements, needs a lot more reverence than it currently gets. Hope we realize the need of this hour and pledge for a better air to breathe and cherish.

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