Air Purifier:

Ever wondered what your indoor air could be made up to 10X more polluted than the outdoor air you experience. There can be many types of pollutants that can affect the quality of indoor air. Among those pollutants some pollutants e.g. dust particles are visible to the naked eye but most of these pollutants remain undetected.

The invisible air pollutants can cause some severe health issues such as respiratory ailments & others. Your home, office and commercial air can be purified with a wide range of natural air purifying solutions that are designed and developed specifically for the Indian consumers. Air Purifiers are a boon in times of this polluted environment around the world.

Air Purifier

Benefits of Air Purifier for Home:

The homes can become polluted by both outdoor and indoor air pollutants in metro cities. Moreover, indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outside air, due to a lack of proper ventilation. The most common pollutants that can be found inside homes include dust, animal dander, pollen and pet hair but sometimes homes can also have very harmful substances such as smoke, VOCs & formaldehyde.

These pollutants have very adverse effects on the health of your family. To overcome these kinds of harmful airborne substances, you can consider buying a home air purifier. Our best air purifiers in India are manufactured to completely pick out every dust in your house and keep it fresh and toxic-free. We are dedicated to supplying the best air purifier for Delhi due to its rapid increase in pollutants.

The Home Air Purifying Solutions from Breath fresh are the safe and effective passive air purification technology. The need for Air Purifying Solutions is becoming a dominant force in the global market with the rate of air pollution around the world rising perilously. In India, high indoor air pollution arises due to the burning of an incense stick or mosquito coils as well as emission from cooking and pet dander. That’s where the need for air purifier arises. Air purifying solutions basically remove harmful elements present in the air which could ultimately result in respiratory problems.

Why Choose Air Purifier from Breathefresh

Air purifier product range by Breathefresh uses techniques to make indoor air pollutants free. For convenience, we have designed these purification solutions in such a way that you can place them anywhere in your home. They don’t consume very much space. We offer the best quality and safest air purifier in India that can make your home, office, and car a healthy place. Our range of room air cleaner purifies indoor air by removing dust and other air pollutants with 99.9% accuracy. We are proud to present the air purifier that is the best in India. You can buy the best air purifier online for your home in India from We present the best air purifier in India which is a perfectly suitable air purifier for home. Our natural Air Purifier is effective in most polluted Indian cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc. Let’s explore it further.

  • Our Air Purifier is the simplest and most efficient way to maintain a dry, odor-free & fresh home. It basically helps to reduce the harmful pollutants, bacteria, allergens and unpleasant odors from your air.
  • The Vayu Natural Advanced Bags with 3-Layer technology designed by Breathfresh gives 3x extra power, strength and durability. These are specifically made to remove maximum odors, excess moisture and pollutants found in Indian homes.
  • This air purifier contains powerfully activated eco-friendly polyurethane filters that are designed to hold heavy particles like smoke etc. Moreover, these are building to adsorb airborne chemicals, harmful pollutants and household cleaners floating in your air.
  • Our Air Purifier is safe for Kids & Pets. Fragrance-Free. Non-Toxic. BPA-Free. Chemical-Free. Eco-Friendly. These have a long shelf life of 2 years. You need to just place the bag in direct sunlight once a month to recharge.

Air Purifier Price

The budget should not be a concern for you to live a contaminant free life but don’t worry we have got you covered. Air purifier Price is generally high in ranges of Air purifier India but our products are cost-effective and affordable.

Our products

499.00 – 3,299.00

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