Can Clean Air Increase A Child’s IQ?

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Does it take the moon to increase your Child’s IQ?


No, no, just hold, it’s not! We have a proven way out.

It just takes clean air. Yes, you heard right. Clean air can raise your child’s IQ by close to 2.5 points. Now, it’s a proven fact that clean medical-grade air can amazingly increase your child’s IQ and cognitive development.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But seems unbelievable. Never mind, come with us and delve deep into the clean purified air to have a clear insight into the facts and figures of research and reports.

Child IQ and prenatal exposure to unclean air

There’s a direct impact of prenatal exposure to unclean air and your child’s IQ. This is not only revealed by many kinds of research, studies, reports, and analysis rather has been proved, which has made many countries and parents take immediate measures to facilitate clean air for their kids and the entire family.

A latest released research revealed that there is a stark correlation between your children’s IQ and the air they breathe. The study found that there was a difference of 2.5 point IQ between children born to mothers who were from 10% of the most polluted areas than to the mothers who were from 10% of the least polluted areas. Medical-grade clean air not only improves the child’s IQ, rather it plays a definite major role in the holistic growth of the child.

Another study conducted on more than 400 women in New York, Krakow and Poland revealed that 5 years of kids, whose mothers were exposed to above-average polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) scored four points lower in IQ test than those who were not.

The next research revealed that children born to non-smoking mothers but who were exposed to higher levels of airborne PAH during pregnancy had 3 points lower IQ at age 5 than children who were born to mothers who were exposed to lower (PAH) exposures.

Various other reports have revealed that the developing foetus and young kids are highly vulnerable to neurotoxicants. And it’s only the clean air which could prevent this IQ loss in foetus and kids.

If the clean air can bring such a startling difference in a foetus IQ in just 9 months than what it would result in if the kids are made to breathe in clean air for rest of their life too. Breathfresh Solutions’, a Delhi based organization is supplying World Class Air Purifiers globally to help parents raise better kids.

Unclean air and your kid’s brain structure

The unclean air has direct adverse effects on the development of your kid’s brain structure itself. Imagine what it would lead to if the brain structure itself got affected during childhood. It would not only result in affecting the normal brain functions for the entire life, but it would also prevent any sort of medication to let it function normally in the later age too, even if desired or tried so.

Urban Air Pollution and your Child’s IQ

According to Dr. Frederica Perera, PhD, lead author of various studies and research on correlation between IQ and air quality, at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health – “Our analysis suggests that a modest reduction in urban air pollution would provide substantial economic benefits and help children realize their full potential.”

You will agree that a common man cannot contribute much in controlling the Urban air pollution, but yes he can do a lot in assuring the better air quality inside his home to let his family and himself avail the benefits of clean air, and that’s especially for those who are concerned about their Kids IQ and proper growth, as the kids have to go a long way and live their full life in this cut-throat competitive world. This increased IQ would not only help them to score better in their school academics but would help them throughout their entire lives in faring better in competitive exams to bag better-salaried jobs and to take better care of their families in return. And yes, all this can be achieved by just installing an Air Purifier in their home to provide clean air, which we earlier said, didn’t take the moon.

Air Quality Vs. Verbal IQ & Performance IQ

Whether it’s to verbal IQ or to Performance IQ, the clean air matters to both. The unclean air would delay adopting verbal IQ techniques which are learned once to cater to the rest of the lifetime and generally goes unnoticed, but what about the performance IQ which is the ability to cope up with reasoning and problem solving abilities, unseen passages, new questions, real-lifetime situations, multi-skill tasking, last-minute decisions and much more, which have to be just faced and instantly addressed without any external help, support or previous preparation.

In one of the recent studies conducted in the US, researchers revealed that every increase of 2.5 micrograms per meter cubed of fine-particle pollution (PM2.5) in teens surroundings leads to an immediate drop of one point in their performance IQ score. But here the impact doesn’t end, it also affects all other activities directly controlled by the brain functions from taking quick decisions to learning new skills.

Unclean air Vs. Kid’s Memory

Various other studies have revealed that breathing polluted air can not only impair memory and reasoning but would also lead to poor academic performance in addition to reducing the intelligence quotient drastically. Whereas on the other hand, the clean air can prevent the detrimental effects of breathing unclean air and can effectively increase the child’s memory retention while keeping in control their eroding IQ.

Conclusion –

In the backdrop of various authentic research and surveys conducted clean medical-grade air can increase your child’s IQ and their cognitive development to a drastic extent which would not only help your kids score well in schools and perform better in their competitive exams but would rather let them earn better and take better care of their would be families and kids. Brilliant and sharp citizens are not only an asset for their families but they are an asset to the nation’s economy rather for the nation itself.

Breathfresh Solutions’, a Delhi based organization and a global supplier of Air Purifiers, is working round the clock to build strong nations by spreading awareness, enlightening masses and informing parents about clean air importance for their growing kids, to let them have a better IQ along with making them lead a healthy-disease-free life. They are dedicatedly promoting a healthier lifestyle by creating clean indoor air pollution naturally and can be reached at https://breathefresh.in/

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