Foods that Increase your Immunity Against Pollution

breathe fresh food that increases your immunity

It’s the year 2019 and the pollution levels of our planet have reached dangerously high levels. From the water to the land; every natural resource that we have is polluted in one way or the other and there is very little action being taken by world leaders to help the planet and the people living on it. The air is perhaps the only element that is the single greatest source of harmful impacts on our health because we inhale it involuntarily and all the dangerous substances accompany it into our bodies. The atmosphere in urban cities is a deadly mixture of nitrogen dioxide, ozone, diesel exhaust particle and particulate matter along with other things. These affect our respiratory systems in outrageous ways without us even realizing the extent of the damage we are inflicting on our bodies.

Once we are aware of how unhealthy the air around us is and that there is not much we can do about it on a larger scale, we can always take small steps in order to ensure our own safety against the hazardous effects of inhaling polluted air. Antioxidants present in our food actually have the ability to protect our body against the harm inflicted by the chemicals in the air we breathe in; the most potent of them being Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very crucial for our body as it scavenges free radicals and also promotes the production of vitamin E in our body. Vitamin C is very vital to be present in our lungs in order to provide protection against the harmful substances that we inhale on a daily basis. Vitamin C can be found in a variety of foods including green vegetables like coriander, cabbage, turnip greens etc. It is also found in rich quantities in citrus fruits and even guava. Also note that recommended requirement for Vitamin C is 40mg per day for adults. Excessive intake can have harmful effects and like stomach pain and diarrhoea.  

Another Vitamin that is crucial for our body is Vitamin E which can be sourced from cooking oils that are plant based such as sunflower oil. Almonds and sunflower seeds are also two of the prime sources of Vitamin E that can be used to meet out daily recommended intake of the antioxidant. Furthermore, certain spices and herbs also contain a good amount of Vitamin C including chilli powder, cloves, basil and oregano. These are usually however only consumed in small quantities so it is always recommended to make them a constant part of your daily diet. You can do this by cooking meals in which these herbs and spices are used to ensure their proper intake.

Omega-3 Fats are another antioxidant that protects the body and the lungs against the harmful effects of air pollution. They also promote a healthy heart and you can source them from nuts like walnut, chia seeds and even flax seeds. Mustard seeds, methi seeds and even green leafy vegetables are a decent source of Omega 3. Make them a certain part of your diet and be sure to have a guard against the harmful effects of the outside world.

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