Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Essential Oils against Human Pathogens

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You are right in avoiding antibiotics or other synthetic medicines to your kids. 

It not only proves your wisdom but also exhibits your foresightedness towards securing their lives and preventing them from getting ten more diseases rather than getting cured from a single disease. And, the reason is simply because of their several side-effects leading to making them a victim of many other diseases in addition to eroding the immune system of their body.

So, does it mean we should let our kids suffer?

No, you need not!

The negative impact and the side-effects of these medicines have led to research and discovery of many alternative medicines, treatments and cures, which treats the diseases without causing any negative impact or side-effect to the consumers. 

The Essential Oils is one of such alternative cures for several diseases, which are not only natural and herbal rather are without any negativity or side-effect to cause some other ailment, disease or leading to poor immunization.

Have you ever heard of Essential Oils?

Not yet!

Don’t worry; here we would be exploring these Essential Oils for you, making you avail the numerous benefits of them and help you save yourselves and other near ones and dear ones from deadly carcinogenic medicines, and switch over to alternative cures such as Essential Oils.

What are Essential Oils?

The Essential Oils are complex, volatile compounds that are naturally synthesized by secondary metabolism in various parts of the plants. These essential oils are derived from the various medicinal and aromatic plants growing in the different terrains in widely different climates and topographies. The climate they are grown in itself differentiates the oils extracted from them even from the same species of the plants.

The Essential Oils are derived from the Medicinal and the Aromatic plants generally referred to as MAPs and are of special interest in fragrance, perfumery, cosmetic, flavour, pharmaceutical and many other fields. In fact, close to 80% of people across the globe depends upon them in one way or the other for various cures and solutions against health problems. Their curative properties, aroma and flavour are helping the human generations from centuries.

The Essential Oils are vastly used in aromatherapy and play significant roles in treating cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and many others.

The synergistic effect of the Essential Oils mix has shown better results in curing these diseases and fighting against various human pathogens.

Why are these Essential Oils aromatics?

These Essential Oils are a mixture of several different chemical substances from widely different chemical families that provide them with their aromatic nature. Their fragrance and unique flavour provide them with various beneficial biological activities to combat against human pathogens. It’s the aromatics which matters and work miracles for them.

What makes these Essential Oils unique?

The Essential Oils have different types of antimicrobial compounds including terpenes, phenolics, aldehydes and many other compounds, making them effective against a wide range of pathogens, and other microorganisms. In the field of biomedicine, they are much effective in destroying bacteria, fungus and other viral pathogens. The reactivity of the Essential Oils varies depending upon the nature, composition and the orientation of their functional groups.

These Essential Oils with their biomedical features are pious nectar against the drug-resistant pathogenic microorganisms and are a panacea against deadly pathogens.

Why are Essential Oils recommended against Human Pathogens to fight diseases?

The antimicrobial drug resistance of the prevailing drugs has prompted researchers, scientists, pathologists and many others to explore novel antimicrobial lead molecules effective against various human pathogens, as the synthetic drugs have miserably shown negative reports in curing and treating diseases. In addition, there acute toxicity and carcinogenic effects are more of trouble than relief in curing diseases. Besides, they are environmentally hazardous to damage the planet also in the days to come, restricting their use and limiting their manufacturing.

Therefore, it becomes vital to save humankind from these deadly pathogens whether they are bacteria, fungus or virus or even something unknown, and come out with some natural solutions, which are effective with therapeutic relevance, curative potential and a perfect cure; without being dangerous of other side effects to human beings. They are not even hazardous to the environment or destructive to the planet as a whole.

So, how the essential oils work on pathogens?

The essential oils have strong antimicrobial activities against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens. The functional groups and the orientation of the essential oils define their use to combat different types of bacteria, fungi or other pathogens. These oils disrupt the cell membrane of the pathogens. They increase the membrane permeability, which results in leakage of these pathogenic intracellular constituents while interrupting the cellular metabolism and enzyme kinetics.

What are the Antibacterial Effects of Essential Oils?

We do have antibiotics for treating various bacterial pathogens, but still, antibiotics are not effective to cure them completely. The increased multidrug resistance of these antibiotics has increased the severity of these diseases to make the antibiotics becoming ineffective every next time it is taken to fight against these bacterial pathogens.

These antibiotics also result in lowering the immunity of the host cells in addition to developing biofilm-associated resistance to the drugs in them. This, in fact, increases the life-threatening bacterial infections in human beings.

At present, many antibiotics are available for treating various bacterial pathogens. However, increased multidrug resistance has led to the increased severity of diseases caused by bacterial pathogens, leading to the ineffectiveness of these antibiotics. Not only these higher doses of these antibiotics led to toxicity.

The bacterial infections on the date are still the major killer in human beings. The antibacterial activity of these essential oils inhibits the growth of the bacteria commonly known as bacteriostatic or it destroys the bacterial cells known as bactericidal.

Different Essential oils are meant for different bacteria depending upon their chemical composition. Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria use different types of Essential Oils for their cure. The antibacterial activities are measured in bactericidal concentration (MBC) or minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC).

What are the Antifungal Effects of Essential Oils?

The essentials oils extract from many plants such as basil, citrus, fennel, lemongrass, oregano, rosemary, and thyme have shown considerable antifungal activity against a wide range of fungal pathogens.

What are the Antiviral Effects of Essential Oils?

The viral diseases are yet to be explored to let scientists come out with effective drugs to cure them. They are considered as major trouble for human health worldwide, and the worst part is, they are without a cure. This has resulted in intensive research in Essential Oils and has led to the discovery of several Essential Oils with antiviral lead molecules against various DNA and RNA viruses.


The Pathogenic microorganisms need to be dealt with a definite alternative drug solution. The essential oils are a good source of alternative antimicrobial agents and are playing a revolutionize role in coming out with new drugs to treat several pathogenic organisms. Intensive research is already on the way to explore these essential oils benefits to kids and grownups. As they are without potential side effects, they are, therefore, the best solution especially for the kids to combat with the pathogenic microorganisms without entrapping to be the victim to the harmful drugs which are more harmful than they are beneficial.

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